Sources repository on GitHub

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The Sources repository mirror has been created.

Simply clone this repository on your own FTP server and make your mirror of third party sources to speed up downloads using your local FTP instead of downloading from remote Internet resources before building your packages.

Also you can create your own mirrors of frequently used 3pp repositories to speed up the taking snapshots process in the same way as we do. on the Open HUB

Posted Posted in Build System, Radix Platform

The project is presented on

The Black Duck Open Hub (formerly is an online community and public directory of free and open source software (FOSS), offering analytics and search services for discovering, evaluating, tracking, and comparing open source code and projects. Open Hub Code Search is free code search engine indexing over 21,000,000,000 lines of open source code from projects on the Black Duck Open Hub.

The main competitor of is Yocto project. Comparative analysis is presented on the page Open Hub.

Open Hub is not a hosting of projects, but Open Hub only analyzes the state of open source software.